5th Grade Students

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Fifth grade students at Morris Elementary have been hard at work the first third of the year!  The students and teachers just finished their second unit of math and writing.  In math, teachers presented real life applications and problems related to finding the volume of rectangular prisms, as well as, concepts centered on parallelograms.  After examining the unit test, fifth grade attained their desired goal of having 61% of students proficient in the area of volume!

            The presidential hopefuls were not the only individuals trying to persuade people to think a certain way; fifth graders also just completed their persuasive writing pieces.  Topics ranged from “Texting and Driving is Dangerous,” to “Sleep is Beneficial for Children.”  Students supported their opinions on the different topics with reasons and supporting details. 

            Although another unit of study is complete, the fifth graders at Morris are not slowing down.  They still have another two-thirds of the year to continue learning, growing and reaching their potential!