Fourth Grade Activities

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Fourth Graders have been working hard in all subject areas! We are starting new units in Reading and Writing. Students will be determining the main idea and the details to support the main idea, as well as, determine an author’s purpose.

In Writing, we have completed 2 units on persuasive writing. Students picked a product to persuade others to purchase.  Students learned to have an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Students now will be becoming more descriptive in their writing to publish a narrative.

In Math, students are working on long division. Fourth graders are learning to use partial products with multiples of 10 and 100 to help them solve the longer division problems.

Lastly, we are looking forward to our field trip to the Des Moines Art Center, as it is an opportunity most of our students have not yet experienced!