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2-3-14 DM Register Photo Crayfish

Third Grade News


  Crayfish have arrived into our classrooms and we are having so much fun learning about them. Many of us have learned how to pick them up, what they eat, and where they usually live. We will learn about seeds next in Science. We have just completed our 1st unit about multiplication and division in … Read more »


DMPS Considers New Attendance Areas


It’s been more than 25 years since DMPS made comprehensive changes to elementary school attendance areas. A lot changes in a quarter of a century, and to better serve students and meet the needs of schools the district is considering new attendance areas for many elementary schools. Click the headline to learn about the plan and share your opinion.


Tutoring Available for Morris Students


As a Title I school, our students may qualify for tutoring services at no cost to their family. To be eligible, students must also be approved for free/reduced-price lunch, and not have received tutoring services during the first semester of this school year. To learn more, simply click the headline above.

1-13 DM Register Photo

Students Write Letters to Marines


Morris News The students and staff at Morris Elementary participated in a drive to brighten the holidays for Marine troops stationed overseas.  In conjunction with a letter writing unit, students each wrote a letter thanking the Marines for their service and wished them an enjoyable holiday season despite being separated from their loved ones back … Read more »

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Fifth Grade Math News


Fifth grade students and teachers at Morris Elementary have their hands full in December!  Our students have begun their most difficult unit in math, fractions.  As this district looks to adopt a new math curriculum next year, Morris students are getting to try out the top contenders.  Mrs. Boley’s and Mr. Salow’s students are trying … Read more »

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Students Learn About Technology


Morris has a new Technology Lab!  The Morris students have been learning all about technology.  They have mastered logging on and off computers and have learned a lot of technology vocabulary.  They have been working with laptops and I Pads.  We have been integrating classroom curriculum into the technology lab.  By doing this allows all … Read more »

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